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Artist Statement

Art and craft captured my imagination at an early age: I sawed the center legs off an antique chiffonier - to modernize it. Interior design began with a 6 room 3- orange crate dollhouse equipped with furniture crafted from household scraps, the first project of a first career in architectural design, institutional planning and historic preservation.  The heady experience of corporate America, the joys and heartaches of rejuvenating historic buildings, now fuel the creation of visual memoirs. Architectural salvage finds new life in collage and assemblage. Drawing and print making come together in book arts with original poetry.

My studio, a renovated 19th century barn on Cape Ann in Gloucester MA, welcomes centuries of influence: the playful forms of Stuart Davis, Avery’s bold abstractions, Hartley’s rocks, Calder’s humor; from Lascaux to Tapies, past nourishes present.                               



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